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Our Mission:

To continue to be the most efficient and cost effective service provider in our industry sector and to develop further long term relationships with global solar leaders through project expertise and aggressive pricing structures. We strive to continue driving down the costs of large scale PV ground mounted projects.


Over 75 years of combined construction and solar experience has lent confidence to our list of satisfied clients. Terra Posts PV LLC and its western division Terra Posts PV LLC West have installed ground mounted solar tracking systems and fixed-tilt arrays across the country and in the Caribbean. All of our projects have been completed at or below budget and ahead of construction schedules. Our ability to coordinate with other trades, think outside the box, adapt and overcome adverse conditions has enabled us to successfully install difficult projects.


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As of Q1 2019, Terra Posts PV LLC will have installed over 1 GW of ground-mounted solar.

Our featured projects include the 2014 completion of the mechanical build on the US Virgin Islands’ largest solar installation to date. ‘Spanish Town Solar Project,’ located on the island of St. Croix and managed by the Water and Power Authority (WAPA), generated enough electricity to power over 1,500 homes, contributing to the territory’s goal of reducing fossil fuel consumption by 60 percent over 10 years. Solar power popularity among islands is consistently rising due to the high costs of relying on imported fossil fuels.

Although the installation was damaged by Hurricane Maria last year, it withstood winds of up to 175 mph markedly better than most of the solar ground arrays impacted by the storm. Terra Posts PV LLC, contracted by Richard Branson's BMR Energy, recently completed its repair. Read more at:

We take pride in our perfect safety record. Zero days lost. Terra Posts PV LLC has preferred rate nationwide bond ability.

Post and Pile Driving:

Terra Posts PV LLC owns and operates a 9-unit fleet of late model, track driven and expertly maintained mast -leveled hydraulic rams, designed specifically for solar ground mount installations -- not retrofitted from other industries. TPPV’s sole focus is the solar space. We deploy our on-staff professional Operators and Site Supervisors anywhere in the U.S. and beyond to ensure production capacity and quality control for each and every project.


Racking and Panel Services:

We are the preferred installers of the largest racking system manufacturer now being used by the nation’s largest Developers. Our complete “TURN KEY” structural solutions include post location and layout, material handling, post driving, racking assembly and module mounting, leaving a system up and ready for wiring.


Production Capacities and Flexibility:

Custom fabricated, hardened steel drive heads accommodate almost any post profile - eliminating post damage during installation - and advance tolerance accuracy, increase production and maintain installer's safety. We precision install an average of 200+ posts per day per machine.


Additional Services:

Pull-Out Testing
Geo-Technical Assistance
Full EPC Coordination
PLS Services
Site Clearing and Grading

Terra Posts PV LLC is certified as a Woman Owned Small Business with the SBA
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